Greetings from Chairman
Yong-joon Lee

The Sejong Institute, one of the world's leading international diplomatic and security research institutes, and its foundation, the Sejong Foundation, have a special founding background engraved in the history of the inter-Korean confrontation on the Korean Peninsula that has continued for more than 70 years after the liberation.

The Sejong Institute was established on October 9, 1983, to honor the sacrificed 11 official entourage and working-level entourage who was killed in the North Korean terror to the South Korean President's visit to Burma(now Myanmar), to support the bereaved, and to overcome the problems caused by the division of the Korean Peninsula. The Foundation was established in November 1983, and the affiliated Sejong Institute was established in January 1986.

In response to this purpose, the Sejong Institute has actively conducted research, academic conferences, publication, and educational activities on international affairs, foreign relations, military security, and North Korea strategies that may affect peace and security on the Korean Peninsula. Recently, we are strengthening the work of exchanging knowledge with leading domestic and foreign research institutes and exploring the measures for Korea to hold for the impact of the revival of global confrontation caused by the U.S.-China confrontation and the Russo-Ukrainian War.

In the current situation where the security situation on the Korean Peninsula and surrounding areas continuously worsening due to the growing nuclear threats from North Korea along with the creation of a New Cold War in East Asia and Europe, the Sejong Institute will continue to make efforts to present the fullest possible truth of the diplomatic and security situation facing South Korea, and will strengthen our role and social contribution to seek wisdom to overcome it.

June 1st, 2023

Chairman Yong-joon Lee